Ultimate Guide for What To Wear For Desert Safari Dubai

What To Wear For Desert Safari Dubai?

What To Wear For Desert Safari Dubai? A desert safari is a special trip where you can explore the desert and experience the UAE people from a traditional perspective.

First you get a 4×4 ride from your hotel to the desert. It’s a fun ride in the wild. AS you get to camp, there are cool activities like sandboarding, camel riding, and you can just relax and watch a spectacular sunset in the stunning desert in the evening. After dark, a sumptuous barbecue dinner is served under the stars. After dinner, you can enjoy traditional performances like belly dancing and henna painting. It’s a unique and exciting experience!

Trip in the spectacular desert environment requires careful planning. It’s best to prepare an extra layer for warmth as the scorching heat of the day gives way to an unexpectedly chilly evening. Closed shoes are highly recommended for walking in sandy areas as they provide safety and comfort. Choosing the right clothes is important because it can make a huge difference in how you can enjoy yourself.

Some people who have been on desert safaris have said they could not join certain activities because of what they are wearing. So, if you are thinking of going on safari, choose your outfit carefully to ensure that you don’t miss out on the fun afterwards.

Key Takeaways

– Choose bold prints or head-to-toe colors for a look that stands out against a lawn backdrop.

– Consider the weather: Shorts are great in the summer, but in the winter (November to February) choose warm clothes because they are cooler at sunset and in the morning.

– Options for bottoms include jumpsuits, casual cotton pants, loose/stretchy pants, leggings, Bermuda shorts, or high-rise long shorts.

– Prioritize long breasts in colder months; Half-sleeved dresses are versatile and in keeping with UAE fashion.

– Sneakers can bind sand and cause irritation when sanding.

– Prioritize practicality and comfort and ensure your clothing complies with the UAE Dress Code.

Recommended Dress Code for Dubai Desert Safari

Lightweight fabrics

Pack lightweight clothing! Temperatures in Dubai can be as low as 14°C and as high as 44°C, depending on the month you visit, so the key sign for your dress code is to prepare regarding the weather and season conditions. However, expect to be under the sun most of the time. Even if you visit during the summer months (November to April), the temperature can reach 30 degrees C. When choosing what to wear in Dubai, opt for cotton shirts or fabrics.

Hoodie or poncho

Bring a hoodie or poncho (or anything that can keep you warm) for an early morning or evening bloody all-night desert safari. It can get very hot in Dubai during the day, but the temperature drops dramatically in the desert after sunset, so it can be beneficial for your dress code to stay comfortable on your trip.

Long-sleeved tops and comfortable trousers

Since you’ll be out in the sun most of the time, a long sleeve coat will be a savior for your sun protection. Just wear lightweight gear so you’re not swimming in sweat on a hot afternoon. If you’re wondering what to wear as a woman in Dubai, long-sleeved tops are also ideal—given the general UAE fashion code.

Wearing shorts might be a good idea,Dubai desert tours tend to involve a lot of sand activities like sand boarding or dune bashing, which means you’re more likely to get sand all over your body. If you plan on riding a camel, trousers are even more convenient.

Sunglasses, hat, and light shawl

Bring a pair of hand glasses, a trusty hat and minimal clothing and mark yourself safe from the painful heat of the sun. Be sure to keep them close as you hit the hills! It’s not mandatory to have all three, especially if you’re going on an evening desert safari.

Comfortable shoes or sneakers

Choose your most comfortable pair of sneakers to keep sand off your toes and keep ‘em warm while camping out overnight. If your sneakers don’t match your outfit, you can opt for light boats!

Seasonal Tips for Your Desert Adventure

Summer (March to May):

Day: When Dubai embraces the heat, think of it as light and relaxing. Cotton or lightwear are your best friends.

Evening: The evening is very pleasant, with a slight breeze. Maybe take a light jacket or pashmina with you, just in case.

Summer (June to August):

Day: Ah, Dubai summer! It’s sizzling out there. Soft, light colored clothes are a must. And if you get clothes to ward off sweat. Don’t forget a hat, sunscreen and a good sunscreen.

Evening: Warm night ahead! But if you’re chilling inside, a wrap or lightweight jacket might help.

Fall (September to November):

Day: The warm days are starting to fade. Stick to breezy clothes, but feel free to play with long sleeves.

Evenings: As autumn deepens, the evenings are a bit cooler. A nice jacket or cardigan is a smart move.

Winter (December to February):

Day: Winter here is like a gentle hug. Layer it a bit, maybe a sweater.

Evening: Can be a bit nippy, especially if you’re out on open grass. A jacket, scarf, or even a beanie can be a great addition.

Dress Code For Activities

Dune Bashing

A camel on sand is not for the faint of heart. Be sure to wear clothing that holds your posture. Skirts, saris, or similar flowing garments should be avoided to handle the struggle of riding safely. For the safety of yourself and others in the car, you should avoid clothing and accessories with stripes or stripes.

Camel riding

Camel riding is fun and a chance to relive the desert backdrop portrayed in movies. However, that may not always be the most comfortable experience, especially if this is your first time on a camel. Choose shorts over shirts and pants over shirts.


Comfortable shoes are key when it comes to a comfortable sand experience. Choose closed-toe shoes to keep sand between your toes and create an oval base. Additionally, shorts that fit over a shirt and flowing shirts for better absorbency while sandboarding.

Quad bike riding

You’ll want something to tie in your long hair, and sportswear is best. There is no better trip for a group of sports enthusiasts than quad biking in the desert. Avoid waists, short skirts and loose hair to avoid potential cycling hazards.

BBQ dinner and entertainment

BBQ dinners are usually served on rugs on the floor. So, choosing a comfortable outfit while sitting on the floor is good. Tanora games and belly dancing also take place while everyone is seated. It is best to avoid short dresses. It’s recommended to carry an extra top, so you can change into a new one after all the afternoon activities. Sitting shoes or flip-flops can be used.

Bottom Line

A desert safari in Dubai can be a lot of fun for a trip! However, there are a few important things to remember for the best experience especially if it’s your first time. Wear light, comfortable clothes first because it gets really hot in the desert. Also, be careful with your belongings as sand can get through a lot – it’s wise to leave your valuables at home. And keep it simple with accessories, as a lot of information can get lost in the sand.

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