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Desert Safari Dubai Stunning Desert

Dubai is among the UAE’s and is said to be the richest and most modern emirates. The city is bordered by Desert Safari Dubai, Abu Dhabi to the south, Sharjah to the northeast and the Sultanate of Oman to the southeast respectively. Located in the middle of the Arabian Desert, the city has a unique landscape.

Much of the landscape of Dubai is desert with rock-filled sand dunes found in the southern region of the UAE. The sand is pure white and beautiful with crushed coral reefs at the Dubai Desert Safari in the surrounding sand dunes is a thrilling and electrifying experience. It is very difficult to choose between the pleasant wilderness adventures. The trip starts at the pick-up point boarding and is 4×4 wheel drive.

Also offers many other options like quad bike safari, camel safari, dune buggy safari, night safari, falconry, sand boarding and any other option you choose , always Arabian-belly- Packaged with complimentary attractions of dancing, henna tattoos, BBQ dinners, refreshments, shisha and camel rides all in all you get an exciting experience worth every penny. A Dubai holiday is never complete without a Dune Bashing ride.

Desert safari trips

Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari
Image Source: Desert Tour

Due to busy schedules, many people do not have time to plan an evening safari. So they can have a morning desert safari with a fun adventure. Safe Desert Safari offers about 20 minutes of thrilling dune bashing with electric camping trips where you can enjoy quad biking, camel riding and sand skiing Morning safaris can vary depending on your package itinerary. Some companies offer an average tour of about 2 hours. This is the perfect one for those who do not enjoy dinner and camping.

  • Early morning drive to Dubai outskirts
  • Dune bashing experience in an SUV vehicle
  • Roller coaster-like ride through the sand dunes
  • Options for additional activities: Quad biking, camel riding, or sand skiing
  • Refreshments and snacks provided by the tour operator
  • Return to Dubai by noon

Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari
Image Source: Scholarly Open Access 2024

If you want to memorize something for a lifetime, this is a must. If you are planning to visit Dubai, try the fun and excitement by organizing a desert safari in the evening. Starting in the afternoon, you should rest near the camel farm at your first destination.

Get a chance to see the sunset over the desert sea and enjoy camel riding and sandboarding. Try cute mehndi designs on hands and feet. Join the festivities with barbecue and delicious shisha. Check out a belly dancer performing to Arabic music right in the campground.

  • Similar dune bashing experience as morning safari
  • Lasts till late night
  • Dinner served with options (choose while booking)
  • BBQ highlight along with buffets and vegetarian options
  • Opportunities for Quad biking, camel riding, or sand skiing (extra cost)
  • Women can try Arabic henna tattoos and traditional costumes
  • Men can try shisha, served with Arabic coffee and fresh dates
  • No Belly Dancing and Shisha during Ramadan

Night Desert Safari

Night Desert Safari
Night Desert Safari

Explore the Arabian Desert in the night sky while everyone relaxes at camp. Don’t forget to carry a camera souvenir to capture the sunrise in the Dubai desert. Try henna designs, traditional costumes and camel rides on this overnight desert safari. Desert Safari Dubai cost After dinner we sat alone for a quiet night taking in the sound of the wind on the sand. If you like dancing, look a few steps away from belly dancers. Enjoy dune bashing and sand skiing.

  • Night safaris allow you to spend the night under the moonlight.
  • Users use sleeping bags and blankets for shelter.
  • Evening safaris generally do not include overnight stays.
  • The experience gives you a unique perspective on wildlife and nature.
  • Paid for the trip and paid for the next breakfast.
  • Provides a relaxed and extended safari experience.
  • Guests can enjoy the peaceful surroundings at night.
  • Ideal for those looking for a more extensive adventure in the wilderness.

Quad Bike Desert Safari

Quad Bike Desert Safari
Image Source: viator

If you are a travel and sports enthusiast, then Quad Bike Safari is a must try. Quad bikes are a very dangerous and testing way to experience sandy terrain and it’s important to take the right safety equipment and a brief on off-road driving, which they do offer.

Dune Buggy Desert Safari

A dune buggy is a  vehicle with large wheels and wide tires that can only be used on sand for fun purposes in Dubai. Rolling up and down the sand can be very distracting, challenging the dunes. You must’ve to be at least 15 years of age and must wear appropriate safety gear. It’s not as fast as Dune Bashing in an SUV but it’s definitely a more enjoyable experience too.

Taste Ancient Heritage

Experiencing Bedouin-style camp life is a wonderful experience. Visitors can get a glimpse into the life of Arab immigrant communities. Imagine sitting in a camel-hair tent slowly creeping in at dusk.

Sunset Barbecue Under Stars

After leaving behind an adrenaline-pumping adventure, get ready to stay in an exclusive Bedouin camp. Awaiting you is a delicious dinner under the stars, including shawarma, falafel sandwiches and a sumptuous BBQ buffet.

Entertainment streak

The magic of the night under the stars is further enhanced by entertainment such as tanoura dancing, belly dancing under the Arabian sky, mehndi painting, fire show and photo opportunities in traditional costume.

Camel Safari in Dubai

  • Ride the traditional Arabian vehicle – the camel – and walk through a giant rolling sand dune.
  • Jump on the back of the “desert ship” and reach areas rarely accessed by other vehicles.
  • For more fun, wear traditional clothes and feel like a sheikh wandering through an endless desert.
  • Be sure to click as many pictures as possible to make this desert safari in Dubai a perfect memory.

Hot Air Balloon Desert Safari

  • Take in the Arabian Desert from above while sitting in a hot air balloon.
  • Immediately admire the balloon as it soars and watch the sunrise behind the Hazar Mountains.
  • View the vast wilderness from such a high altitude and native species such as oryx and gazelle roaming in the distance.
  • After the flight, head back to a traditional Bedouin tent for a hearty early morning breakfast, which should be included in any desert safari trip in Dubai.

Desert Safari Dubai Cost

There are many companies offering desert safaris in Dubai, ranging from budget packages to private overnight excursions – as well as many add-ons such as stargazing, hot air ballooning, nature tours and what not etc. Desert safaris cost from AED 100 per person for budget tours, to AED 300-500 for more specified tours 1,000- for land safaris. It can be anywhere up to 2,000 AED.

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Bottom Line

Desert Safari Dubai is unique for many reasons as it has a wide range of activities that you can sign up for during your safari. For starters, the landscape you see while on safari is amazing. After a safari experience with overnight camping you can continue to discover the wonders that make this Dubai Desert Safari even more special.

Another unique feature of desert safaris in Dubai is that you can do them at your favorite time of day- morning, evening or night. Nowhere else in the world can you experience vibrant cultural encounters with ministerial entertainment filling your safari evenings and nights. The friendly and professional staff, guides and horsemen enhance the desert safari experience in Dubai.

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