Top 10 High Salary Payer Companies In Dubai

Top 10 High Salary Payer Companies In Dubai

If you’ve ever day dreamed about living among palm bushes, driving fancy vehicles, and having a financial institution account that in no way runs dry, then Dubai is the vicinity for you. Dubai, a shiny and glamorous metropolis in the Middle East, is well-known for its sky-touching skyscrapers and the threat to make a variety of cash.

If you’re curious approximately which jobs can help you stay your dream existence on this town, we’ve were given all the details right here. In this manual, we’ll spill the beans on the Top 10 High Salary Payer Companies In Dubai, making your dreams a truth.

Dubai isn’t just a fun place location for travelers, it’s additionally a bustling hub for migrants from all around the world. It doesn’t rely which heritage you come back from or what area of know-how you carry, Dubai has many possibilities to provide. But it’s now not all approximately the glitz and glamour, we’ll tell you approximately the roles in element and the Top 10 High Salary Payer Companies In Dubai that offer those jobs. So, get prepared to learn about the career options that might have you ever sipping champagne on a fancy boat or purchasing in a number of the arena’s most steeply-priced department stores. Welcome to the arena of the highest paying jobs in Dubai, wherein massive salaries meet an unbeatable life-style.

List of Highest Paying Jobs In Dubai

JUDGE  Dh 86,100
LAWYER  Dh 73,000

Artificial intelligence experts

One of the highest paying jobs in Dubai is that of an artificial intelligence expert. These experts are really desirable as Dubai is really focused on AI technology. Dubai is serious about AI, so in the long run, there will be more of these projects.

Digital Marketing Specialist

The High salary in dubai are those of digital marketing professionals. These seo experts are increasingly important to them as many businesses in Dubai want to develop digital marketing. Good money can be had, between 8,000 and 17,000 dirhams. Companies such as Upgrade Digital and Charterhouse Middle East are recruiting in the region. These online business like seo and content writers opportunities are expected to continue to grow as more companies focus on digital marketing.


One of the highest paying jobs in Dubai is psychologist. These specialists are in demand because many mental health and wellness centers in Dubai need Therapeutic and Counseling Psychologists who have provided quality treatment to people and families.

Psychologists in Dubai can earn between AED 18,000 and AED 27,600. Places like the United Arab Emirates University and Wayz HR Solutions are looking to recruit psychologists, indicating that mental health care is becoming increasingly important in the city.

Personal And Professional Trainers

Some of the highest paying jobs in Dubai are for personal and professional trainers. These tutors are a real choice because life can be overwhelming, and people often seek help to deal with personal and professional issues. In Dubai, good rates are available starting from AED 11,000 to AED 27,500. Companies such as Daniella Smith Coaching, Noomii and Zeta Yarwood Life Coaching are looking to hire these coaches, which means more people in the city need coaching services.

Medical And Health Professionals

One of the highest paying professions in Dubai is pharmaceutical and healthcare. Many hospitals in the UAE are open for nurses and doctors. Nurses can earn almost AED 9,000 and AED 26,000,doctors can get paid between AED 16,800 and AED 70,000 or more.

Major companies such as NMC Health, Sublime Homecare and Mediclinic employ people in this sector, showing that the UAE cares about providing great healthcare.

Health Care Workers

Well-paying jobs for healthcare support workers in Dubai. These people help doctors and nurses to do their jobs well. highest paying companies in uae are there is now a growing need for these roles, such as lab assistants, healthcare assistants and hospital administrators.

Administrative Assistant

Dubai offers high paying jobs as a professional assistant. These jobs are in a variety of sectors, including hotels and healthcare. These typically pay in between AED 5,800 and AED 16,000, which is an amazing deal. Companies like Canadian Hospital and Four Seasons are actively seeking people to fill these positions because they need help with their work.

Why Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most up to date cities within the global, with an immigration rate of 88.52% and consistent monetary boom, the town has a number of the very best paying jobs inside the international.

Dubai is home to two of the world’s busiest ports, the Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone, and is domestic to six,400 organizations. Thus, contrary to popular belief, Dubai is not an oil- based financial system – it’s miles a strong unfastened-alternate economy, resulting in heaps of excessive-paying jobs.

In this article, we researched the best paying jobs in Dubai companies. These jobs fall into many key industries, inclusive of law, accounting, healthcare, marketing, finance and hospitality. These jobs provide a number of the quality Job Openings in Dubai.

List of The Top 10 High Salary Payer Companies In Dubai

Each organization in this listing offers competitive salaries with top notch blessings programs. They also have career advancement opportunities. If you need to be the exceptional, it simplest makes experience to work for the fine!


AECOM has been responsible for the development of the country and they are proud that its land and services have played a great role in the development of many important infrastructure projects. Awarded their first projects in Abu Dhabi in 1965 — Makta Bridge and Al Bateen Airport — they continue to provide sound advice on some of the country’s biggest developments.

They pride their selves on being a trusted partner to their clients, as well as one of the largest teams of experts throughout the Middle East. Their diverse and dedicated workforce has helped establish AECOM as an industry leader and they have won some of  the largest deals in the region, including Warner Bros.; World, District 2020, Etihad Rail, Etihad Towers and award-winning Al Raha Beach included .

Average revenue: The common earnings for an AECOM employee in Dubai is around AED 34,500 per month.

Number of personnel: There are greater than 87,000 folks that paintings for AECOM.

Industry: AECOM makes a specialist of designing, consulting, and coping with construction projects.

AECOM is the fine paying organization in Dubai for 2023.Formerly called AECOM Technology Corporation, AECOM is an international employer. It specializes inside the design, consulting, production, and management of public works projects. The organization become founded in the USA, but it has locations global, along with Dubai. AECOM gives competitive salaries to its employees together with flexible work schedules.

The business enterprise is searching out individuals with a strong engineering and creation history. AECOM is an extraordinary place for human beings with 5-10 years of revel in within the subject and looking for a hard job. There is brilliant growth capability in this organization. This company is included among top 10 best companies that are hiring for jobs in Dubai.

Dubai Electricity-Water Authority (DEWA)

They are committed to Dubai’s 8 Guiding Principles and 50-Year Charter by delivering world-leading services and innovative energy and drinking water solutions, ensuring their stakeholders are happy for a net zero carbon 2050 a it will last forever.

Salary List: The average salary of DEWA employees in Dubai is around AED 34,500 per month.

Number of employees: There are currently over 12,000 employees working for DEWA in the UAE.

Services: DEWA is a utility company.

DEWA is the main supplier of electric water in Dubai. The company supplies electricity to residents and businesses in the city. It also provides water services to 3.3 million Dubai residents. DEWA offers competitive salaries to its employees. You get health insurance and housing. They wants more training for its employees. Some opportunities are worth more money.

DEWA consists of a wide range of engineers and technicians. Experience in these fields, such as electrical installation, wiring, and small business machining is preferred.

If you are good in these spots and want a stable work and high profile job with good prospects, DEWA is a great option. This company includes among Top 10 High Salary Payer Companies In Dubai that are hiring people for jobs.

Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du)

They are building a telecommunications company that needs people to transform communications for the future and take communications to the next level because our customers will always be their main focus. So they will provide carrier services, data center, internet exchange facilities and satellite service for broadcasting.

Typical average salary: The typical monthly salary for DU employees in Dubai is around AED 32,000.

Number of employees: du currently boasts over 2,800 employees in the UAE.

Sector: du operates in the telecommunications sector, providing mobile, landline and Internet services throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Emirates Unified Telecommunications Company (ten) is among the highest paying companies in Dubai, specializing in telecommunications and providing mobile, landline and internet services throughout the UAE. The company actively promotes training and education, providing many opportunities for personal and professional development. Du is known for its competitive salary and has one of the most generous benefits offers in Dubai.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB)

ADIB looks for people with strong assets in banking and finance, making those with 5-10 years of experience highly desirable, and individuals with finance credentials are eligible for competitive salaries.

Average revenue: The common monthly salary for an ADIB employee in Abu Dhabi stands at approximately AED 29,000.

Employee rely: ADIB currently boasts a group of workers exceeding four,000 individuals in the UAE.

Services: ADIB is the leading Islamic financial institution operating within the United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) is the leading Islamic bank within the UAE. The bank caters to communities with more than 69 branches in the city and operates ATMs at various locations. ADIB offers attractive salaries and benefits, including mortgage and health insurance The Bank is actively supporting it Special development Schools and school prospects, one of the ten best companies to have high-paying jobs in Dubai.

Hill International

When you be part of Hill as an employee in Dubai, you’ll play a pivotal role in overseeing massive-scale initiatives within the region, supplying possibilities for continuous studying and expert growth. Hill seeks people with diverse competencies, welcoming applicants from diverse backgrounds, along with engineers, construction managers, enterprise directors, and more.

Average revenue: The typical month-to-month earnings for a Hill worker in Dubai averages around AED 21,000.

Employee count: Hill International currently employs a team of workers exceeding 3,000 people.

Industry: Hill International specializes in consulting and construction control services.

Hill International sticks out as one of the pinnacle-paying multinational groups in Dubai. Their middle knowledge lies in imparting consulting and creation management services to clients throughout the globe, encompassing a huge range of sectors, inclusive of transportation, industrial and residential projects, and facility control, one of top 10 best companies with dubai high salary driver jobs for everyone in Dubai.

Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited (GASCO)

Gasco is actively recruiting experienced staff to join its operations in Dubai. The company offers a competitive salary, comprehensive benefits and other benefits, including mortgage and health insurance. GASCO represents an excellent career opportunity for individuals with skills in fields such as engineering, accounting, or business administration

Average salary: The average typical monthly salary for Gasco employees in Dubai is around AED 20,000.

Number of Employees: Gasco currently maintains over 1,500 employees in the UAE.

Industries: Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited (GASCO) remains a key player in the oil and gas industry within the UAE.

Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited, formerly recognized as Gasco, stands out as one of the highest paid companies in Dubai, specializing in the natural gas industry This leading company deals in gas and its numerous distribution centers throughout the UAE, providing wide range of opportunities for jobs ranking as Top 10 High Salary Payer Companies In Dubai for overseas people.

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB)

If you’re considering a career at ADIB in Abu Dhabi, here’s what you should know:

Career Opportunities: DIB encourages its employees to advance their professional careers and provides opportunities for training and education. If you possess 5-10 years of experience in banking and finance, and you’re seeking an exciting job with excellent growth potential, ADIB could be your ideal destination. They are actively seeking experienced professionals like you to join their team.

Average Salary: At ADIB, you can expect an average monthly salary of approximately AED 18,000.

Employee Count: ADIB has a substantial workforce, with over 4,500 employees currently working in various roles across the UAE.

Industry: ADIB is a renowned Islamic bank operating within the UAE, known for its excellence in Islamic banking services.

Company Highlights: Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) stands out as one of the most competitive employers in the UAE. As a leading Islamic bank with a vast network of over 66 branches and numerous ATMs throughout the UAE, DIB offers attractive benefits, including Wajaha, Mumayyaz, and Aayan benefits to its employees, making it one of top 10 best companies with high paid salaries in Dubai.

Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD)

Wide range of services: The CBD offers a comprehensive range of banking and financial products and services, with branches and ATMs conveniently located throughout the country. If you are part of the CBD workforce, you can expect an average salary of around AED 17,500 per month.

Staff numbers: CBD currently has over 1,500 dedicated staff in the UAE.

Services: The CBD plays an important role in recognizing the UAE banking sector as a pioneer.

Size of the bank: It is noteworthy that the CBD ranks as the seventh largest bank in the UAE, indicating its importance in the economy.

Competitive Benefits: In the CBD you will have the opportunity to earn a competitive salary, including health insurance, flexible schedules, employee discounts, and other benefits.

Career Opportunity: The CBD is actively seeking experienced professionals with strong banking and finance skills. If you are looking for an exciting opportunity in the banking sector with good growth, the CBD could be an ideal location for you. Your career in banking is waiting for you, as it is part of top 10 best companies with highest salaries in Dubai.


If you’re considering a profession at Etisalat in Dubai, you will be pleased to realize that the average monthly income for an employee is approximately AED 17,500.

With over 43,000 employees worldwide, Etisalat is a prominent player inside the telecommunications enterprise inside the UAE.

You’ll have the opportunity to work in a corporation that offers a huge variety of offerings, consisting of cell smartphone carrier, internet, and TV. Etisalat is actively seeking proficient and experienced professionals like you to enroll in their team in Dubai.

When you come to be part of the Etisalat circle of relatives, you may experience not best a competitive revenue however additionally a host of benefits, such as housing, medical health insurance, retirement plans, and employee discounts. Your profession at Etisalat promises to be rewarding each professionally and in my view. One of best opportunity for job seeker as it is one of top 10 best companies with high paid salaries in Dubai.

Emirates Airlines

You’ll be thrilled to realize that they provide their staff with exquisite reimbursement and blessings, which include ample annual leave, complete medical health insurance, an global tour allowance, and much extra.

Salary: If you’re considering a career at Emirates Airlines, you’ll discover that the average revenue for his or her employees is about AED sixteen,500 per month.

Employees count: With a huge team of workers of over 60,000 employees, Emirates Airlines is the UAE’s biggest airline corporation, boasting a fleet of greater than 300 aircraft and servicing around one hundred fifty worldwide locations.

Whether you have experience inside the aviation enterprise or aspire to paintings in it, Emirates Airlines gives numerous opportunities. They have openings for positions in engineering, piloting, cabin team, and customer service, so there is a role to match your expertise and hobbies. Joining their crew could be a outstanding career pass for you in this dynamic industry, making it one of Top 10 High Salary Payer Companies In Dubai with high amount of salaries.

List Of Highest Paying Jobs In Dubai


Just focusing on higher pay, it’s important to consider jobs that not only provide immediate financial rewards but long-term benefits as well. Whether you’re interested in finance, healthcare, engineering, or other dynamic industries, the UAE job market offers leading opportunities in terms of pay and job satisfaction.

Examine the key areas of financial success and look for jobs that not only promise impressive financial returns but also ensure a satisfying and profitable business model. In this dynamic environment, your career choice can have a lasting and positive impact, making it an attractive prospect for those seeking financial stability and professional satisfaction.

Chief executive officers (CEO)

At the top of every company, there may be a person referred to as the CEO. This is a truly large job wherein you are making the maximum vital choices for the entire employer. It’s a bit like climbing to the very pinnacle of a company ladder. But, with high-quality power comes awesome obligation – the CEO is liable for choices that affect how nicely the whole organization does, and that is a big deal because anybody’s jobs rely on it.

Being a CEO is risky and tough, but it is also worthwhile. That’s why they receive a commission of a whole lot of cash, even greater than different employees inside the corporation. This is authentic now not best in everyday agencies but also in places like Dubai, where the CEO roles are just as crucial.

Some of the agencies in Dubai which might be seeking out CEOs are:

  • Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
  • Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA)
  • Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC)
  • Mubadala Investment Company
  • Dubai World Trade Centre

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The chief financial officer (CFO) responsible for and coordinates a company’s finances, including strategic planning, budgeting, costing, and the normal flow of information across different departments.

The wide range of responsibilities associated with the role of CFO creates a dynamic and high-pressure work environment. Difficult financial decisions and the need for nuanced understanding of financial challenges add to the complexity of the position. Consequently, companies in Dubai recognize the importance of this activity and offer some very lucrative reward packages.

Many respected companies in Dubai are actively looking for qualified individuals to fill their CFO positions, reflecting the high demand for top finance leaders. Leading companies seeking experienced CFOs include Emirates Group, Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE), Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (TAQA), Dubai Holding and Dubai World Trade Center.

Because these organizations operate in different industries, they value the CFO’s strategic contribution in guiding their financial strategy. The demand for CFOs in such leading companies highlights the important role these executives play in shaping the financial landscape of businesses in Dubai, making it an attractive and rewarding career path for owners to have essential skills and knowledge.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) play a vital role in shaping a company’s marketing strategy and maintaining a strong brand presence in the market In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), these executives can command higher monthly salaries , if the average is AED 75,000 or more , making it Dubai’s highest-earning destination.

Key organizations actively seeking CMOs include:

  • Etihad Airlines
  • The Emirates Group
  • Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) .
  • Dubai Tourists
  • Dubai Airport

These companies recognize the importance of an experienced CMO in continuing their marketing efforts and ensuring a strong market position. Competitive remuneration underscores the critical role of the CMO in the success of businesses in the vibrant UAE market.


Dubai has become a hub for top surgeons, offering a wide range of healthcare services to individuals from diverse backgrounds. The importance of the work physicians do in this bustling city is emphasized by the high-risk nature of their day-to-day responsibilities, which require quick and skillful assessment of many patient cases, a broad spectrum honed through experience and consequently these important jobs command generous remuneration.

Dubai’s many renowned hospitals stand out for employing some of the highest paid doctors in the region. Notable among them are:

  • Cleveland Hospital Abu Dhabi
  • Emirates Hospitals
  • Dubai London Hospital
  • NMC Healthcare
  • American Hospital Dubai


Legal advice and guidance is essential for businesses across sectors. Many companies choose to seek legal expertise internally, usually as a chief legal officer, rather than seeking outside counsel on a case-by-case basis In addition to handling business and financial matters, experienced legal counsel skilled in reading wills, and dealing with estates and drafting contracts He is well paid for being critical but requires a great deal of education and experience, making it one of the most lucrative positions in Dubai one of the characters.

Notable institutions recruiting for this role include law firms and well-known firms such as Al Tamimi & Company, Baker Mackenzie, Clyde & Co, DLA Piper Middle East and Herbert Smith Freehills.

IT Manager

IT administrators play a key role in managing the company’s IT infrastructure, managing all aspects of software and hardware. With a booming technology sector in the UAE, experienced IT managers can command a monthly salary of AED 35,000 considering their skills and professionalism. The role is particularly attractive for expatriates looking for job opportunities in Dubai.

Several leading technology companies that are actively recruiting for IT manager positions include:

  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • Dell
  • Amazon

Marketing Manager

The role of the operations manager involves managing and implementing the company’s marketing strategy. With the growing job market in the UAE, sales managers have the potential to earn an average salary of AED 30,000 per month, varying according to their industry experience This presents a promising opportunity for consideration.

Currently, the top organizations seeking candidates for this role are:

  • Procter & Gambling
  • PepsiCo
  • Nestlé
  • Unilever
  • Coca-Cola

Petroleum Engineer

Many primary oil and gas agencies are actively recruiting petroleum engineers, underscoring the industry’s robust demand. These key operators include Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Dubai Petroleum, Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited (GASCO), Dubai Natural Gas Company Limited (DUGAS) These outstanding businesses their paintings amongst petroleum engineers within the UAE’s dynamic energy area -providing promising opportunities for jobs in the region.

Investment Banker

Bankers play an important role in guiding clients on financial transactions, overseeing department management and providing financial solutions. In the UAE, a person in this position can earn a competitive monthly salary, usually above AED 40,000.

Among the major investment banks actively recruiting for such roles are Citibank, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan. Morgan, Morgan Stanley and HSBC.

Sales Director

Sales directors play an important role in managing the sales team and generating revenue for the company. Several MNCs are established in the UAE, and experienced, high-performing directors can command monthly salaries of AED 30,000 or more.

Some of the top companies hiring for this include:

  • Etisalat
  • Emirates Group
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • IBM
  • Oracle

People Might Ask about High salary job in dubai

How can I search a high paying job in Dubai?

In order to find a high paying job in Dubai companies or any organization, it is consider to be essential to have the required qualifications and skills for the job market. In addition to ,networking, utilizing online job portals, and seeking assistance from recruitment agencies can be beneficial.

What is average the cost of living in Dubai?

Living in Dubai can vary widely depending on your lifestyle and place where you stay in dubai but mostly are same. Housing and education are among the highest expenses, but there are many options for different budgets.

Do I need to know Arabic to work in Dubai?

While Arabic it can be very helpful for you as it is local language there and especially in customer-facing roles, many jobs in Dubai do not require fluency in Arabic. English is widely used, and many expatriates work without knowing Arabic.

Is it necessary to have a degree to get a high paying job in Dubai?

Having a degree can open up more opportunities, it’s not always a strict requirement for high paying jobs in Dubai. Experience, skills, and certifications can also be valuable while applying for good post in Dubai.

What are the taxation policies in Dubai?

Dubai has a tax free budget for each person, making it an attractive destination for many expats. But, there are specific taxes, such as value added tax (VAT), that apply to goods and services.

Are there opportunities for career growth in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai offers many opportunities for your career growth, especially in industries like construction, finance, hospitality, and healthcare. Many companies in Dubai actively promote professional development and training. So it is a good chance to apply and grow in your field at same time.

What are the working hours and culture in Dubai?

The standard working week in Dubai is around 40-48 hours, with Saturday to Thursday being the typical workweek as usual. The work culture can be diverse, but professionalism and punctuality are highly regarded.

What is the process for obtaining a work visa in Dubai?

Process for obtaining a work visa in Dubai involves securing a job offer from a UAE based company that mainly you are thinking or have applied for. The employer handles the visa application process, which includes medical tests and background checks etc.

What is the safety situation like in Dubai for workers?

Dubai is considered a safe place to live and work, with low crime rates and a well managed infrastructure.

Final Words

When it comes to high-paying job opportunities, Dubai is a showcase city. With a vibrant economy and a wide range of industries, Dubai offers exciting jobs in technology, commerce, health, finance etc.

AECOM, DEWA, du, ADIB, Hill International, GASCO, Dubai Islamic Bank, Commercial Bank of Dubai, Etisalat , Emirates Airlines etc Many top companies are known for their competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and dedication to employee development and growth .

Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or someone looking to start a new business, Dubai offers a world of possibilities where great salary meets unbeatable lifestyle.


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