Top 10 Best Spots For Indian Sweets In Dubai you Must try

Best Spots For Indian Sweets In Dubai

Sweets are very important in Indian culture and tradition, and no occasion is really complete without Best Spots For Indian Sweets In Dubai indulging in sweet treats like laddu, cashew barfi, gulab jamun etc. Even if you live in Dubai, you shouldn’t miss out on your favorite Indian sweets.

Whether it’s crunchy, melt-in-your-mouth gulab jamun with a wicked sugary syrup or a roll of jaleebi, Indian sweets are perfect for a great traditional dish with nutmeg and cardamom spices, topped with walnuts, almonds and pistachios.

Bursts of flavourful, and unique Indian sweets made with fruits, rice and other ingredients Pap-delightful balushahi, kewra-saffron-based ghevar, buttery boondi and fudgy cashew katli are all part of India’s wide range of dessert options is a delicious dish. People live in Dubai all over the world for work and leisure purposes. These cultures are reflected in the cuisine of Dubai, so convenience stores including sweets have opened, and there is always a huge demand for Indian delicacies in the city.

So, for those of you who have a sweet tooth and have always loved Indian sweets, we are here to present to you some of the best Indian sweet shops in Dubai. They offer a variety of delicacies representing different states and regions of India, adding a touch of desi flavor to the savory dishes craved by people all over the world.

Top 10 Best Spots For Indian Sweets In Dubai


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Established way back in 2001, MyGowindas has won the hearts of Dubai residents with an ongoing commitment to offering nothing but the best in Indian sweets and showcasing their attention to detail and efforts in serving Indian sweets which authentic tradition has been greatly appreciated for decades.

  • MyGovindas: Renowned Indian restaurant in Dubai
  • 5 locations offering extensive Indian sweets selection
  • Categories: Kaju & ghee, khoya, healthy, Bengali sweets, namkeen, fox nuts
  • Special festival promotions available
  • Adapts to changing times with low-sugar and sugar-free options
  • Freshly prepared sweets without preservatives
  • Vegetarian raw materials exclusively used
  • Services: Gift hamper delivery, online food ordering, dine-in options
  • Leading Indian sweets shop in Dubai
  • Caters to diverse customer cravings while upholding tradition and quality

This ultimate family restaurant is exactly where you want to go if you want to immerse yourself in vivid memories of Indian culture, flavors and smells. This vegetarian restaurant is a champion of Indian Sattvic cuisine, and has grown from one location to multiple products in a few years.

If you happen to be on their rooftop, you must try their famous Gulab Jamun along with Rabari. That’s a taste that we’re sure will linger in your mouth for days. Not to mention, rasgulla, dal ka halwa, gajar ka halwa and saffron rasmalai, are among the most esteemed desserts from their collection.

Rating and Review
Rating 4.2
Reviews 2231
Address Ground Floor ,City Tower – Dubai – UAE

Bombay Sweets and Bakery

Bombay Sweets and Bakery
Image Source: Zomato

Catering to millions of customers with happy sweet cravings for over two decades, Bombay Sweets is known for its luxury confectionery and bakery products that promise high quality and have established its’ expected to be completely satisfactory, and the store has received positive feedback from its visitors.

  • Chain of Indian Sweets and Snack shops in Oman and UAE
  • Started with Indian Sweets, expanded to chaats, farsan, and bakery products
  • Specialties: Malaipuffs, Halwas, and more
  • Presence in Dubai and Sharjah
  • Offers famous Indian sweets: ras malai, barfi, laddu, halwa
  • Committed to diverse dietary needs and occasions
  • Top Indian sweet shop in Dubai
  • Satisfies cravings, ensures a delightful and inclusive experience

Having a branch in Dubai keeps a part of India alive abroad, and is a reminder why Indian sweets are among the most loved sweets in the world. Nostalgia is just reflected in their food and the fact that they sleep still sticks to the old name of the city (Bombay instead of Mumbai).

When you land at this sweet shop, don’t forget to try their Mango Malai Halwa and Malai Puff which is one of their flagship desserts, and Rasmalai and Cashew Katli. They cannot compare their fresh milk halwas with their peers. This includes milk halwa, carrot halwa, cashew halwa, fig halwa, dried fruit halwa, and even, believe it or not, pasta halwa.

Rating and Review
Rating 4.1
Reviews 654
Address 6A St – Al Nahda – Al Nahda 1 – Dubai – UAE


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A famous name in Indian sweets, Bikanerwala has a rich history dating back to 1905 in Rajasthan, India. With more than a century of success, it has become a symbol of unmistakable heritage.

  • Top pick: Bikernavala for best Indian sweets in Dubai
  • Eclectic selection: Laddus, gulab jamuns, and more
  • Variety: Desi-ghee, dry fruit, and khoya desserts
  • Specialties: Matka kulfi (AED 14), rasmalai (AED 7), rabri faluda (AED 20)
  • Branches across the city
  • Online delivery available
  • Light bites: Chaat also available
  • Ideal for Indian dessert and chaat lovers

Operating in six countries with 100 outlets including several branches in Dubai, Bikanerwala offers an assortment of authentic Indian sweets from the flavors of Gulab Jamun to the delicious Rabari Faluda, as well as savory flavors of Rasmalai, Matka and Kulfi filling everyone’s mouths

Apart from sweets, Bikanerwala offers a dizzying experience of famous Indian street food. Whether you like relaxing or want to pair your meals with classic chaats, Bikanerwala has it all, making for a delightful culinary journey.

Rating and Review
Rating 3.9
Reviews 1.7K
Address Multiple locations.

Kamat Shireen

Kamat Shireen
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Offering a variety of Indian sweets made with the highest quality ingredients, you will come to Kamat Shireen to enjoy the delicate care provided by the makers with any of the desserts also known as Kamat sweets you will tell him in. They are known for having a lot of love for what they do, and that is clearly evident in their menu.

  • Kamat Shireen: Crafted with love and care
  • Authentic Indian Mithai
  • Assortment of Namkeen
  • All-natural Ice Cream
  • Finest ingredients for superlative quality
  • Impressive variety of extraordinary delicacies
  • Something for everyone

Coconut water is one of the most popular summer snacks in Dubai and they have a variety of delicious coconuts – Good Coconut Barfi – for you. Some of their other specialties include Mawa Pista Barfi, Mawa Saffron Barfi, Strawberry Mawa Barfi, Gulkand Mawa Ball, Mawa Jaipuri, White Kalakand, Moongdal Barfi, Saffron Elaichi Peda, Good Coconut Barfi, Anarkali, Saffron Kali, Angudirbadi, Matkafirni and others.

This is the perfect place for you on a lazy afternoon after a sumptuous lunch with some of the best Indian cuisine Dubai has to offer We are sure that one trip to this place will make you rich and before you know it you will be one of the regular customers.

Rating and Review
Rating 4.2
Reviews 55
Address Kamat & Gazebo Restaura – Mankhool Road, Kuwait Street, Near Sharaf DG, Alongside – Dubai – UAE

Puranmal Restaurant

Puranmal Restaurant
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When you step into Puranmal Restaurant in Dubai, the impossible to resist aroma of Indian goodies envelops you, immediately satiating half of your starvation. Engaging all your senses, from the tantalizing heady scent of the sweets to the visually attractive garnishes and the lingering taste in your tongue, their expertise in dessert presentation is evident.


  • Puranmal, with a 90+ years legacy, is renowned for flavorful mithai in Dubai.
  • Offers traditional Indian sweets alongside specialties like khajur barfi, batisa, and Karachi Halwa.
  • Explore desserts at outlets or order online through their website.
  • Not just sweets; Puranmal is a go-to for popular street food in Dubai.

With a legacy spanning over a century, Puranmal has carved a gap for itself in the Indian goodies marketplace. Holding prestigious certifications consisting of HACCP and ISO 22000, they make certain that each food item undergoes rigorous scrutiny earlier than achieving your plate.

Among their prized services are Besan Laddoo, Dateberrys, Dry Fruit Chikki, Gud Soan Papdi, Gudwale Til Besan Laddoo, Khajoor Til Laddoo, Kurmura Laddoo, Rajgiri Laddoo, Rose Soan Papdi, and Nutberrys. Each item displays the culinary excellence that has turn out to be synonymous with Puranmal over time.

Rating and Review
Rating 4.1
Reviews 984
Address Multiple locations.

Shree Gangour Sweets

Shree Gangour Sweets
Image Source: Justdial

Mr. Gangour Sweets has created a huge fan base for itself in the past few years within the emirate of Dubai due to its variety of Indian sweets popular with the Indian and foreign crowd they leave no stone unturned to ensure that their sweets are of the highest quality and satisfy the tasteful desires of customers.

  • Offers a variety of delicious desserts
  • Best Indian sweets shop in Dubai
  • Kesariya jalebi, stuffed gulab jamun, lanchha, seasonal fruit kulfi
  • Baked gulab jamun cheesecake pastry available
  • Convenient for residents in Oud Metha apartments

In its varied delicious menu, the most sought after dishes like Malpua, Kala Jamun, Gulab Jamun, Kesaria Sikka Jalebi with Rabdi, Gajjar Ka Halwa, Lanchha, Angoori Gulab Jamun, Kheer Kadam, Reshmi Rasmalai, Rasgulla , Baked Rasgulla and more , Angoori Rasgulla, Rabdimatki Kulfi, Sugar Free Pineapple Alaska, Malai Moon, and Kada Pak Gur Sandesh, among others.

No matter which region of India you crave sweets from, they have everything on their menu. A visit here is like a journey through the different roads of India with each flavor pointing to where it comes from, and a reminder of the rich culture of India.

Rating and Review
Rating 4.2
Reviews 828
Address Shop No 2, Building No 65 – near Lamcy Plaza – Oud Metha – Dubai – UAE

Shri Krishna Sweets

Shri Krishna Sweets
Image Source: Zomato

If you are among the biggest lovers of South Indian sweets, Sri Krishna Sweet Shop is the place to drive immediately. Bringing aromatic and mouth-watering food from South India to the streets of Dubai, they started their journey back in 1948 and have since made their mark on the global market.

  • Sri Krishna Sweets: Established in 1948
  • Originated as a South Indian sweet shop
  • Now globally renowned, including in Dubai
  • Specializes in Indian desserts
  • Offers milk, cashew, ghee, and dry fruit sweets
  • Popular items: peda, dates laddu, badam halwa
  • Highlight: Decadent Mysore pak
  • Creates gift boxes for sweet presentations

A popular Indian dish that non-Indians often associate Indian delicacies with is Mysore Pak, and if you live in Dubai and haven’t tried Mysore Pak from this joint, this will be a missed opportunity if you ever decide you want it if you find some sweet food after a long day’s work Sweet to rejuvenate your body and heal your soul.

Other delicacies you can buy from here are badam halwa, peda and date laddu. The dried fruits, milk and butter that the gourmets here have in their desserts are unmatched and will definitely make you drool.

Rating and Review
Rating 4.5
Reviews 1000
Address 34 Zaa’beel St – Al Karama – Dubai – UAE

Mithas Dubai

Mithas Dubai
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Mithas is the Hindi word for sweet and how this shop is aptly named as the sweets here will surely drive you crazy like a kid in a sweet shop. Wide range, unparalleled quality, enigmatic fragrance, sweet taste, eye pleasing garnish, there is not a single area that they do not pay attention to in the preparation of their desserts.

  • Mithaas in Dubai: popular Indian sweets shop
  • Known for dry fruit sweets, jalebi, gulab jamun, rasgulla, rasmalai
  • Reasonable prices

Not to be forgotten, it is also one of the cheapest Indian grocery stores you can visit in Dubai. Open from 09:00 am to 11:00 pm. In between daily household chores, during office breaks, or after lunch with a date, visit this place for a delicious taste in your mouth.

The items we recommend trying from here are Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Rasmalai and Jalebi. But also look out for dried fruits/mava desserts and bring some home to share some quality time with your loved ones.

Rating and Review
Rating 3.6
Reviews 56
Address 776V+463 – Al Esbij St – Al Fahidi – Dubai – UAE

Kailash Parbat

Kailash Parbat
Image Source: Bayut

Kailash Parbat has been serving quality Indian sweets for years, and in the process has developed a strong reputation among the city’s residents who swear by the Indian desserts on offer. Once you visit this place, you won’t go back because you will be spoiled for choice and have everything you can try. When some famous Indian sweets are presented in front of you in the most delicious form, it is almost irresistible. So, whether you want to try a delicious meal in a relaxed restaurant or order online, all your preferences are catered for, thanks to their home delivery service.

  • Known for best Indian sweets
  • Multiple branches, popular one in Meena Bazar
  • Enjoy jalebi, kulfi, gulab jamun
  • relaxed restaurant ambience
  • Online ordering available
  • Home delivery facility

Indulge in the sweet taste of Jalebi and fill your plate with the sweet aroma of Gulab Jamun and enjoy the cool taste of Kulfi. The options are endless, and there’s no reason not to try everything from here on every subsequent visit.

Rating and Review
Rating 3.8
Reviews 128
Address 67 2nd St – Oud Metha – Dubai – UAE

Royal Sweets

Royal Sweets
Image Source: Fazza

Whether you are in Meena Bazaar or Al Karama, please do yourself a favor and check out Royal Sweets at both these locations. Putting Indian sweets on the global map, these shops are a delight for anyone who knows how to appreciate Indian sweets.

From Bombay Halwa to Malai Puffs, Sweet Boondi to various dry fruit sweets, they have it all in their collection. When you enter these shops, you will be transformed into an Indian sweet street and you will forget that you are not in India. The desserts here can make you feel more powerful.

If you’re having a not-so-great day, lift your mood with sweets from this shop. Whether you want to celebrate a big business or personal success, pamper your loved ones’ mouths with sweets from this location. Whatever the occasion, Royal Sweets will always have something for you.

Rating and Review
Rating 4.0
Reviews 61
Address Meena Bazaar – 5-1 74th St, Al Fahidi-Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these Indian sweet shops in Dubai vegetarian?

All the mentioned Indian sweet shops in Dubai are vegetarian, and they use vegetarian raw materials exclusively in their preparations.

What is the price range for Indian sweets in Dubai?

The price range may vary depending on the specific sweet and the quantity. Generally, these shops aim to offer a range of options to suit different budgets.

Can I find unique or innovative Indian sweets at these shops?

Some of these sweet shops, like Mithas, are known for their innovative approach, offering a variety of unique and delicious Indian sweets, including dry fruit sweets and creative desserts.

Do these sweet shops cater to specific Indian festivals with special promotions or offerings?

Many of these sweet shops, including MyGovindas and Bikanervala, offer special festival promotions, providing customers with the opportunity to enjoy festive sweets during specific Indian celebrations.

Final Words

Dubai offers a delicious variety of authentic Indian sweets, and the top ten spots featured cater to the cravings of Indian expatriates and taste buds around the world From traditional ingredients favorites like gulab jamun and rasgulla to innovative creations like mango malai halwa and malai puffs Street pue you of the classic treatments Whether looking for or for unique flavors, these places ensure a culinary journey that is happy in Dubai living through the rich traditions of India.


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