how to check uae visa cancellation status online

how to check uae visa cancellation status online

The visa is an extremely crucial document for foreigners staying inside the United Arab Emirates. Not best does this certify your criminal residency fame a Uae Visa Cancellation, but it additionally requires you to rent a rental place, find a villa for lease in Dubai, apply for a dependency visa, and more. Fortunately, the UAE government has an authentic portal that makes it easier if you want to get entry to visa offerings. With this method, you will need a wide variety to test the validity of your visa to live in the United Arab Emirates.

People residing in or planning to tour to the United Arab Emirates must realize how to check the status in their visa cancellation. The manner is intuitive and can be effortlessly completed online by supplying your passport quantity. Like any international travel, visa status is very important to check by citizens, also the visa cancellation process. If you are looking for an easy way to check or cancel your visa status in UAE, We’ve provided details in this article, the best guide for you. In Dubai, it’s easy to check the status of your visa application or request a cancellation online. This is done through various portals offered by the government.

However, if your residency visa is issued in Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah or Ajman,  this service is available at the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. (ICP)

In addition, people living in Dubai can check  their visa status in the general list of residences and companies of foreigners. (NRDFA)



  • To check your UAE visa status online using your passport number, here is what you need to do.
  • Visit the
  • to check your visa using the passport number Select “Change Language” and click  English
  • Click on the “Passport Information” tab
  • Select “Visa” or “Stay” depending on the type of visa
  • Enter your passport number and passport expiration date (UAE). Residents) (You can also enter your Emirates ID)
  • You can select your nationality from the drop-down menu.
  • And must Enable the Captcha field before clicking on the Search tab.
  • If the information provided is correct, the page will display all your visa details including the UAE visa expiry date.

Note: The above method also applies to online Dubai visa verification based on passport number only.



The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) is responsible for reviewing and responding to all  visa-related requirements, inquiries, questions and concerns relating to the United Arab Emirates.

GDRFA Dubai-Website

If you have an entry permit/residence visa, here is how to check your UAE visa status on the GDRFA website.

  • Visit the official website, go to “Services” and then “Visa status”.
  • Select “Residence Validity” from the drop-down menu as the service you are looking for for your UAE visa application.
  • Enter the residence file number and the year of issue. You can find your residence document number on the visa page of your passport.
  • Then enter your name according to your passport and select your gender to verify as well.
  • Please enter a valid date of birth in the format DD-MM-YYYY that is being given there.
  • Enter Captcha code.
  • If all information has been entered correctly the visa validity dates will be displayed in green below the application form. Details include your UAE visa expiry date, your name, date of birth, nationality, and gender, to verify your all details and confirm the checking.

UAE residents can also use an Emirates ID card instead of a passport number to check the validity of their visa through ICP Smart Services.

GDRFA Dubai-Application

GDRFA Dubai has launched an app for expats in the UAE to further simplify visa issues.

  • Open the application and select the “Services” item.
  • Enter your details now such as visa code, name, nationality, and date of birth in it.
  • Enter your details again Click on “Survey”.

If the information entered is correct,  a green check mark will appear on the visa details page. These facts consist of your name, UAE visa expiry date, visa kind, and visa number. You do no longer need to sign up or input your login details to check your visa fame.

Of course, any method of checking the validity of a visa to the United Arab Emirates calls for passport information, but they are not usually to hand. A smart option is to keep a scanned version of your passport on your phone or at least a photocopy in your wallet. This allows you to confirm the validity of your UAE residency visa at any time. You can use the same procedure to check the status of your visa to visit Dubai.

Avoiding the Automatic Cancellation of Your Visa in UAE

You are not allowed to stay outside the country for 6 months to avoid automatic cancellation of your Uae Visa Cancellation.
If you regularly travel outside the UAE and want to avoid invalidating your residency visa, you should travel there frequently; In addition, the interval between individual visits must be less than 6 months.
If you have recently moved here, after checking your visa status, the next step is definitely to open a bank account. Detailed information on opening a bank account and Visa card in the United Arab Emirates can be found here in the property search engine.

UAE Visa Cancellation

If you want to cancel your UAE residency visa, there are a few procedures you need to follow before starting the cancellation process. This is intended to simplify the process within some time range.

  • You must pay all your debts and bills.
  • You must terminate any rental agreement and, if necessary, sell your assets.

For workers:

For people with work visas in the UAE, once their visas are canceled, they cannot stay in the country unless you apply for a new residence permit for further stay , so this issue is a must to consciously avoid any doubts later.

  • Paying back your salary, severance pay, and holiday pay as well.
  • You must present your flight ticket before canceling your work permit at MoHRE.

Responsibility for the Visa Cancellation in UAE


The cancellation process is the sole responsibility of the sponsor as foreigners cannot request this. However, if you have an investor visa, you can cancel it yourself.

Required Documents to Cancel Your Visa


There are several required documents that applicants must submit in case of UAE visa cancellation.

  • Copy of entry permit.
  • Copy of your sponsor’s passport.
  • Passport and Emirates ID card.
  • Declaration of your financial obligations.
  • Entrepreneurs must provide proof of cancellation of their business license, whether as a partner or investor.

In the event of death:

  • Within the UAE, death certificate
  • Outside the UAE, official approved death certificates.

Pricing of UAE Visa Cancellation

If you cancel a  visa in the United Arab Emirates, you will have to pay a fee that varies depending on the type of  visa and the platform on which you apply. Check out the fees to be paid to successfully submit an application below.

  • 100 AED  – 200 AED

Cancelation Process Of Your UAE Visa


The procedure for canceling a visa in the United Arab Emirates is very simple and hassle-free. You can cancel your visa online through various platforms. Additionally, as mentioned above, Dubai residents can use the GDRFA website/app or visit its official office or one of its American centers. For the rest of the Emirates, you can do this via the ICP website/app or contact the nearest writing center in your city.

Check out the options available and the process to follow below.


  • ICP website or mobile app
  • GDRFA portal or mobile app


  • Website can be visited or aap can be downloaded too
  • Create an account if you don’t already have one
  • Find a service
  • Submit your documents
  • Pay the Fee
  • Submit your Application

After submitting your UAE Visa cancellation application online, you will need to contact GDRFA or a nearby processing center to return your Emirates identity to your Visa card and get your passport stamped.

It may take up to 48 hours for  your application to be approved. Now when your application is processed and approved, Finally you will receive an email to your registered email address to confirm the cancellation of your Visa accordingly.

Grace Period Offered After Canceling Your UAE Visa

The grace duration is the time you are given to live in the UAE after your visa is invalid/expired. In addition, after your visa cancellation within the UAE, you are entitled to a grace period likewise, which varies depending on the sort of resident visa in UAE. Below you’ll discover the grace length for each type.

180 days

●     Gold/Green visa holders and their dependents

●     Undergraduate students

●     Jobs requiring qualifications (Level I and II in the classification of the Ministry of Human Resources and the Emirates)

●     Widowers or Divorced

90 days

●     Professions requiring a diploma (Level III and II in the classification of the Ministry of Human Resources and the Emirates)

●     Apartment owners

60 days

●      Ordinary residents

30 days

●       Other Categories

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my UAE visa if I have outstanding debts or bills?

It is advisable to settle all debts and bills before initiating the cancellation process.

Is there a penalty for overstaying after the visa cancellation grace period?

Overstaying after the grace period can result in fines and other penalties. It’s crucial to adhere to the given grace period.

Can I cancel my UAE visa online from any location?

You can cancel your UAE visa online through various platforms, but the specific process may vary. Dubai residents can use the GDRFA website/app, while others can use the ICP website/app.

What documents are required for UAE visa cancellation?

Required documents include a copy of the entry permit, sponsor’s passport, passport and Emirates ID card, declaration of financial obligations, and, for entrepreneurs, proof of business license cancellation.

Is there a specific fee for UAE visa cancellation?

The fee for UAE visa cancellation varies depending on the type of visa and the platform used. It can range from 100 AED to 200 AED.

Can I cancel my UAE visa if I have an investor visa?

Individuals with an investor visa can cancel their visa themselves, unlike other types of visas where the cancellation process is the responsibility of the sponsor.

Final Words

For a smooth stay and decent trip, it is important to find out about your visa status in the UAE. With the online platform provided by ICP, you can easily check the status of your visa cancellation from anywhere. Remember to have your passport details ready and follow the steps above. Stay informed and enjoy your stay in the UAE!

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