top 10 japanese restaurants in dubai

Top 10 Japanese Restaurants In Dubai

Japanese food is all about finding the perfect equity and harmony in every dish., and simplicity, where every ingredient is treated with the utmost respect, and every dish is a work of art.”

The demand of top 10 japanese restaurants in dubai in foreign countries like Dubai is undeniable. People are drawn to its fresh and healthy offerings, where delicate flavors, exquisite presentation, and a diverse menu cater to various tastes. Sushi, sashimi, tempura, and ramen are just a few of the dishes that have captured the hearts and palates of Dubai’s cosmopolitan crowd. Second, the presentation is stunning. Japanese dishes are colorful and beautifully arranged. Every plate looks like a work of edible art. So, it’s not just a meal; it’s an experience. Affordable Japanese eateries are popping up all over Dubai, so you can enjoy sushi and sashimi without emptying your wallet. From downtown Dubai to wherever you are, you’ll have plenty of options. whether you’re at the Dubai Mall or DIFC. It’s like a slice of Japan right in Dubai.

So, chopsticks at the ready, and let’s dig into best Japanese restaurants you will come across in packed Dubai!

List of Top 10 Japanese Restaurants in Dubai

Dubai residents with a love for food should seize the opportunity to sample these Top 10 Japanese Restaurants In Dubai.

Hidemasa : Must-Visit Japanese Restaurant

Japanese Restaurant

Hidemasa is a legit Japanese spot, full of those awesome Japanese flavors. It’s a swanky joint for grub and drinks. From the first bite to the main course, everything’s fresh and yummy. They really know how to make food look fancy here. Mr. Tirso, our guy, did a killer job explaining every dish we got. And shout-out to Mr. Amin, the restaurant boss – he took care of us like pros. big props to Tirso and Amin for treating us right, my friends. This place seriously knows how to serve. Hidemasa is definitely one of Dubai’s top Japanese joints – you gotta check it out.

Throughout his impressive career, Chef Yamamoto has won tons of culinary awards. He even cooked for presidents at the fancy Jockey Club in the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Washington. He’s been in some legendary kitchens, like Roger Verge’s in Province and Chez Nous Hama in San Francisco. Then, in 2010, Chef  Yamamoto, who owns a bunch of fancy restaurants, decided to give Singapore’s food scene a taste. top 10 japanese restaurants in dubai opened his first Japanese spot, “Hide Yamamoto,” at the Marina Bay Sands Casino & Hotel, a super posh resort by the water in Singapore.

Location:  Al Fattan Currency House – Trade Centre – DIFC – Dubai.
Ratings and reviews: 5 Stars and #971 of 8,529 Restaurants in Dubai.

Clay Dubai: Highly Recommend

Clay Dubai - Top 10 Japanese Restaurants In Dubai

In the list of top 10 japanese restaurants in dubai the Nikkei cuisine is still relatively young and unfamiliar to many, but those who taste it often undergo a remarkable conversion. The menu at CLAY features a combination of classic Japanese sushi and innovative interpretations crafted by the talented chefs, encouraging diners to explore and discover new flavors.

Beyond the exquisite cuisine, CLAY offers an immersive dining experience within an award-winning interior design. Every detail has been meticulously considered and creatively executed, resulting in a space like no other. At the Ash Lounge located at the rear, you’ll witness mixology displays that are nothing short of spectacular, featuring cocktails that will amaze your senses. The nights are further elevated with skilled DJs setting the ambiance, making every visit to CLAY a memorable experience.

Check out the CLAY Omakase Dining Experience! It’s this cool, eight-seater chef’s table right at the kitchen counter. You get to watch Chef Jolbi do his thing as he whips up amazing dishes. He’ll even chat with you about the food and where it all comes from. Plus, you’ll taste some seriously awesome flavors that bring two totally different cultures together.

Location: Blue waters Island, Dubai.
Ratings and reviews: 5 stars and #6 of 8,529 Restaurants in Dubai

Flo Dubai: Amazing Spot For Foodies

Flo Dubai: Amazing Spot For Foodies

FLO Dubai offers a New York-style rooftop experience with a stunning city view. It features an open sky lounge, upscale dining, and entertainment. The atmosphere is charming with a royal decor and panoramic city views. Perfect for special occasions and success celebrations. The rooftop lounge overlooks Dubai’s downtown and the Burj Khalifa, offering a sophisticated, magical setting for evening gatherings. FLO provides luxury and comfort, including a VIP section. Enjoy diverse cuisines from Mediterranean to Japanese, along with live entertainment, dancers, and international DJs to enhance your experience. It’s the ultimate spot for delicious food, refreshing drinks, and cocktails. Craft unforgettable memories and commemorate your cherished moments with the most remarkable best view in Dubai! Immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience at FLO, where you can join our vibrant, enthusiastic, and enchanting atmosphere.

Location: Ramee Dream Hotel 19th Floor, Dubai.
Ratings and reviews: 5 Stars and #46 of 8,529 Restaurants in Dubai

Summer Place Dubai

Summer Place Dubai

At Summer Place, a prestigious dining establishment in top 10 japanese restaurants in dubai, they extend a warm invitation to savor an unparalleled culinary journey. Their menu is a tribute to genuine Asian flavors with a modern twist, thoughtfully curated by their skilled chefs who employ time-honored Chinese culinary traditions that have been cherished across generations. Whether you’re in search of a romantic evening or a refined dining affair, their refined setting and flawless service will elevate your experience with them.

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road V Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton, Al Habtoor City, Dubai United Arab Emirates.
Ratings and Reviews: 5.0 and #36 of 8,529 Restaurants in Dubai

Kimura-ya: Authentic Japanese Restaurant

Kimura-ya: Authentic Japanese Restaurant

Kimura-ya, a well-loved top 10 japanese restaurants in dubai chain, boasts a thriving branch in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is swiftly gaining popularity among locals and tourists alike, particularly those in pursuit of the city’s finest sushi. This dining establishment is renowned for offering some of the most exceptional sushi in all of Dubai.

Its menu and decor authentically capture the essence of Japanese culture, adding to its stellar reputation. With its inviting decor and affable staff, a visit to this restaurant promises to elevate your dining experience and make your day truly special. The cozy atmosphere brings joy to diners and continues to draw in more patrons. Google users have bestowed a high rating of 4.8 upon this establishment.

Location: Oud Metha Road, Al Jaddaf Area Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf, Dubai
Ratings and Reviews: 5.0 and #62 of 8,529 Restaurants in Dubai

Ginger Restaurant

Ginger Restaurant

Savor skillfully prepared sushi and a variety of Asian fusion dishes at Ginger.Ginger restaurant chefs expertly blend traditional and modern cooking techniques, offering a diverse range of flavors from Thailand, Japan, and China. Whether you’re here for lunch or dinner, you can relax in a modern setting with options for seating, an open kitchen, and friendly service that will make your meal a memorable experience.

Ginger offer a relaxed, genuine dining experience with delicious Pan-Asian food. Explore the flavors of the Orient through expertly crafted sushi platters. top 10 japanese restaurants in dubai are each dish combines traditional cooking methods with a modern twist. Come live the Asian culinary experience at Ginger Restaurant.

Location: Al Mina Road Crowne Plaza Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai.
Ratings and reviews: 5 Stars and #54 of 8,529 Restaurants in Dubai.

Makira: Amazing Service

Makira: Amazing Service

The restaurant is a lively and quirky place with lots of wooden elements and modern Japanese design. As you enter, you’ll see colorful Japanese umbrellas on the ceiling that make a great backdrop for selfies. The walls are decorated with traditional Japanese Uchiwa Fans and Furoshiki Boxes in various colors and patterns. Plus, there are eye-catching graphics of Samurai ramen with meanings like “a complete surprise” and “food over flowers,” all blending in with the vibrant design.

At MaKiRa, their menu offers a foodie journey from traditional to modern flavors. they pick the finest ingredients, like salmon and premium wagyu beef, from top- quality farms. In our kitchen, we focus on using these great ingredients with special cooking techniques to bring out the best flavors. We also have a healthy selection of salads, poke, and chirashi for those who prefer mindful choices.

Location: Sheikh Zayed Rd, Trade Centre – DIFC – Dubai.
Ratings and reviews: 5 Stars and #130 of 8,529 Restaurants in Dubai.

SHI Restaurant & Lounge

SHI Restaurant & Lounge

In 2021, SHI embarked on a groundbreaking journey, becoming the first to introduce high-end, gourmet authentic japanese restaurant dubai to the exquisite locale of Bluewaters in Dubai.

Offering an ambiance and culinary experiences reminiscent of upscale destinations like Hong Kong or Shanghai, this venue promises every guest a memorable story to share.

SHI is all about showcasing traditional oriental dishes, and they’re committed to using only the very best organic ingredients. Their mission is to recreate Eastern classics perfectly.

The SHI experience is defined by luxury in every aspect, offering guests not just an outstanding culinary adventure but also a fantastic social atmosphere.

Location: Bluewaters Island, Dubai.
Ratings and reviews: 5 Stars and #119 of 8,529 Restaurants in Dubai.

Akira Back: Amazing Evening

Akira Back: Amazing Evening

Chef Akira Back, originally from Korea and raised in Aspen, Colorado, infuses adventure and creativity into his culinary artistry. A former professional snowboarder, he made a career switch and became the youngest Executive Chef. He later launched renowned restaurants, Yellowtail and Kumi, on the Las Vegas Strip.

Building on these triumphs, he extended his culinary empire with Akira Back restaurants in Singapore, New Delhi, and Jakarta. His latest venture, Dosa, in Seoul, Korea, has earned him a prestigious Michelin Star.

His dishes are crafted from seasonal, artisanal ingredients, delivering a unique blend of Japanese flavors while you take in the breathtaking Dubai skyline.

In 2022, Akira Back’s restaurant earned a place in the Michelin Guide Dubai’s recommended venues, a testament to its culinary excellence.

Location: Palm Jumeirah – The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai.
Ratings and reviews: 5 Stars and #145 of 8,529 Restaurants in Dubai.

TakaHisa Japanese Restaurant

TakaHisa Japanese Restaurant : Top 10 Japanese Restaurants In Dubai

TakaHisa is named after its two head chefs, one renowned for A5 Graded Kobe beef, and the other for sourcing fish from Toyosu Market. For the ultimate sushi and Kobe experience, opt for a counter seat, but be prepared for high prices.

TakaHisa, crowned the Best Japanese Restaurant Dubai by the Michelin Guide 2023, offers an exceptional fusion of top-tier, genuine sushi, and the finest wagyu beef in the world. Embark on an extraordinary culinary voyage and relish our esteemed Gault & Millau Two-Toque Restaurant award.

Their expert Master Chefs use premium seafood from Toyosu Market and the world’s highest-grade “A5 Kobe Beef” to craft an exquisite Omakase course, presenting the Middle East with the pinnacle of Japanese culinary artistry.

Location: TakaHisa Restaurant, Caesars Palace Dubai Ground Floor – Dubai.
Ratings and reviews: 5 Stars and #847 of 8,529 Restaurants in Dubai.

People Also Ask About best japanese restaurant dubai

What are the restaurant’s operating hours?

The operating hours of restaurants in Dubai can vary widely depending on the establishment, its location, and the day of the week. Typically, in Top 10 Japanese Restaurants In Dubai, many restaurants have the following operating hours:

  • Lunch: 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
  • Dinner: 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Do they offer delivery or takeout services?

Yes, many top 10 japanese restaurants in dubai, including Japanese ones, offer delivery and takeout services. It’s common to find various food delivery platforms and apps that provide access to a wide range of dining options, making it convenient to enjoy Japanese cuisine from the comfort of your home or office.

Is there any other recommended Asian restaurants in Dubai?

Certainly, here are some recommended Asian restaurants in Dubai:

  • Zuma Nobu Pai Thai
  • Hakkasan
  • Yuan at Atlantis The Palm Megu
  • Miyako
  • Nobu at Atlantis The Palm Noodle House
  • Koi Restaurant & Lounge

What’s the price range like?

In Dubai, the price range for dining at affordable japanese restaurant dubai can vary widely. It typically spans from moderately expensive to high-end, with options for various budgets.

Dubai has totally fallen in love with Japanese food and Top 10 Japanese Restaurants In Dubai– it’s like a foodies home. From sushi that’s as fresh as a sea breeze to melt-in-your-mouth Kobe beef, Dubai’s food.


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