top 10 Best places for watch the sunset in Dubai , UAE

10 Best Spots for Sunset in Dubai

“Amidst Dubai’s glitz and glamor, it’s worth savoring the beauty of a Middle Eastern sunset, featuring warm oranges, royal purples, and romantic pink colors of sky”.

Dubai offers many mesmerizing sunsets with its beautiful coastline and iconic skyline. These places offer a symphony of colors, painting the sky in vivid colors as the day ends. From pristine beaches to architectural wonders, they provide the backdrop for unforgettable moments. Whether you prefer a lively atmosphere or a quiet vacation, Dubai offers numerous opportunities to experience the sun’s farewell every day.

The city’s open-air bars and restaurants take the sunset experience to an exceptional level. These strategically located buildings offer a front-row seat to celestial spectacles. With every moment, the panorama transforms into a captivating spectacle, perfect for capturing inspiring memories and sharing them with the world.

Dubai, a city known for its modernity and indulgence, offers countless beautiful places to watch the sunset over the horizon. From the iconic Burj Al Arab, where the sun gently kisses the Arabian Gulf, to the peaceful shores of Jumeirah Beach, where golden hues reflect on the calm waters, Dubai offers an unparalleled visual spectacle. For a unique experience, head to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, where the sun’s vibrant colors dance across dunes, creating a mesmerizing panorama.

If you’re looking for a more cosmopolitan atmosphere, Dubai Marina offers a picturesque backdrop as the sun disappears behind the city’s skyscrapers and casts a warm glow over the busy streets. Finally, don’t miss Dubai Creek, a historic place where tradition meets modernity and where the sun’s rays gracefully illuminate the city’s past and present.

List of the 10 Best places for sunset in Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Sunset at Burj Khalifa
Image source: Visit Dubai

Watching the sunset from the Burj Khalifa is an incredible and unforgettable experience that gives you a unique perspective of one of nature’s most spectacular displays. Located in the core of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest skyscraper in the world at 828 meters (2,717 feet). This spectacular architectural spectacle offers unparalleled sunset views over the Arabian Desert.

The terrace is called “At the Top” and is located on the 124th floor of the building. You can watch the sunset from such a high altitude, and it is the perfect place to take photos and admire the longest sunset in the country. Just to remind, be sure to book your tickets in advance before watching this mesmerizing sunset, especially during the high season from October to April, and allow at least an hour to fully enjoy.

The world’s tallest building is the best place to watch the sunset in Dubai. Choose the At the Top Observation Deck (124th floor) or the elegant Lounge (122nd floor) – one of the highest restaurants in the world – for the highest and most spectacular viewing point. For an atmospheric window seat, we recommend booking in advance. Arrive before the scheduled sunset and wait an hour or two to see the city change from day to night.

Tip: Don’t forget to visit the Dubai Fountain. The bird’s eye view of the world’s tallest dancing fountain from  Burj Khalifa is something special at one of the best spots to watch the sunset in Dubai.

Located  in  Burj Khalifa Park by Emaar
Address  1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Downtown- Dubai -UAE

Jumeirah Beach Residence- JBR

sunset Jumeirah Beach Residence- JBR
Image source:

One of the most popular destinations for tourists and locals alike, JBR is known for its breathtaking Persian Gulf views and scenic sunsets. JBR is a  popular public beach known for its family-friendly amenities, from zip lines on the sand to a movie theater. It offers numerous places to watch the sunset. The Beach District has many beachfront restaurants with breathtaking views. It is located directly opposite the Bluewaters Island development, where you can watch the sunset behind Ain Dubai, the largest Ferris wheel in the world. Continuing along the beach towards downtown Dubai, the Fish Beach Taverna at Le Méridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & A Marina offers a taste of  Aegean Santorini style, located right on the beach.

JBR’s iconic buildings with contemporary design and glass facades stand out against the setting sun, creating a breathtaking juxtaposition of nature and human innovation. The reflection of the setting sun on the smooth glass surfaces adds a layer of brightness to the landscape, creating a stunning visual spectacle.

For those who want to enjoy this magical moment with a touch of luxury, many beach bars and restaurants offer terraces where you can enjoy a sumptuous meal or a refreshing drink while watching the sunset. The atmosphere is usually enlivened by live music, creating a relaxed backdrop for an unforgettable dining experience at the place of one of the top 10 sunset spots in Dubai.

Address  Jumeirah Beach Residence – Dubai – UAE


sunset Pierchic
Image source: Visit Dubai

Pierchic is an iconic and luxurious restaurant in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This unique seafood restaurant is well-known for its fresh, sustainable seafood and beautiful views of Dubai’s coastline. Although Pierchic is understood for its precise delicacies, it’s also known for its incredible perspectives, specifically at sunset.

The delicate mildness of the setting sun creates an intimate and romantic environment, making it the perfect place for a special sunset with the loved ones.

The staff at Hotel Pierchic is known for their impeccable service and offers every guest a front-row seat to admire this breathtaking natural spectacle.

The sunset view from Pierchic is a spectacle that captures the hearts of visitors and guests. Pierchic is often considered the most romantic restaurant in Dubai and is located at the end of Jumeirah Al Qasr Pier. Reached by elegant rickshaws ferrying guests, the beachfront restaurant offers mesmerizing views of the Arabian Gulf with the famous Burj Al Arab, one of the most photographed luxury buildings and hotels in the world. The award-winning restaurant offers fresh fish specialties and one of the top 10 best spots to watch sunset in Dubai.

Address  Madinat jumeirah – Dubai – UAE

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach
Image source: INSIDER

Located behind the Sunset Mall in Jumeirah, Sunset Beach more than lives up to its name. One of the best locations across the city to take in a spectacular sunset, this is a quieter stretch of beach, close enough to the typically bustling Kite Beach (the city’s most popular kitesurfing spot with a range of dining and retail options) yet far enough to avoid the crowds. Watch as the sun sets behind the sail of the Burj Al Arab into a clear stretch of ocean.

As the day draws to a close, Sunset Beach lives up to its name. The sunsets here are simply spectacular. Whether you watch from the soft sands of the beach or one of the nearby beach bars, you will witness an enchanting display of colors in the evening sky. The transition from daylight to soothing orange, pink, and purple tones is a sight to behold.  Sunset Beach primarily attracts. photographers who want to capture these magical moments. The reflection of the setting sun on the calm waters of the Arabian Gulf creates a captivating image that is truly Instagram-worthy.

Close enough to the lively Kite Beach, but far enough away to enjoy the peace of the surrounding area, Sunset Beach is the perfect place to watch the sunset in a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. Admire the romantic views of the luxurious beachfront Burj Al Arab, which sparkles at sunset and lights up as night falls.

Within walking distance, you will find the lush Umm Suqeim Park as well as numerous restaurants and cafes offering a variety of surfing cuisine. If you plan to visit on  Friday, make sure to get there early to get the best spot on the beach at one of the top 10 best sunset places in Dubai.

Address  22-Al Sagi Street- Sunset Beach–Umm Suqeim – Dubai

Waldorf Astoria-Dubai Palm Jumeirah

Waldorf Astoria-Dubai Palm Jumeirah
Image source: Tripadvisor

Enjoying one of the best locations in Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah,  the elegant Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah can watch the sunset behind Dubai’s Atlantis The Palm – an Arabian-style resort at the center of its crescent moon – or over the famous Burj Al Arab.

The pool and beach facilities of the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah are a number of the maximum fantastic that the region’s well-known 5-star hotels must offer.

The Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah is a costly and iconic lodge located on the lovely Palm Jumeirah, a person-made island in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This rich property is famous for its beauty, global-magnificence facilities, and lovely perspectives of the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai skyline. The lodge is a part of the distinguished Waldorf Astoria brand, recognized for its timeless luxurious, and impeccable provider.

One of the most magical reports on the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah is witnessing the breathtaking sundown over the Arabian Gulf. The motel’s top beachfront area provides guests with a front-row seat to this everyday spectacle. As the sun starts its descent over the glistening waters of the Gulf, the sky transforms right into a palette of colorful oranges, pinks, and purples, casting a warm and serene glow over the horizon.

Beyond the mesmerizing sunsets, the Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah gives an array of facilities to make visitors’ lives genuinely unforgettable. The resort features an array of upscale eating options, a lavish spa, and a pristine non-public beach. Guests also can relax with the help of the stunning infinity pool at the same time as taking in panoramic views of the Dubai skyline at one of the top 10 best sunset spots in Dubai.

Address  Crescent Rd -The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – UAE

Nikki Beach Resort-Spa Dubai

Nikki Beach Resort-Spa Dubai
Image source: Eye of Riyadh

As the sun sets over the Arabian Gulf, experiences await at Nikki Beach Resort and the Dubai Spa becomes even more magical. Sunset at Nikki Beach Resort & The Dubai Spa is worth a detour. As the day approaches sunset, guests can gather on the pristine white sand beach or on the elegant outdoor terrace to admire the stunning colors of the setting sun.

The resort’s prime beachfront location offers breathtaking views of the horizon, making it the perfect place to enjoy this daily spectacle. The warm golden tones of the sun setting beneath the sparkling waters of the Arabian Gulf create a tranquil and majestic atmosphere.

The resort often hosts live music, DJs, and themed events in the early evening, creating an energetic yet relaxed atmosphere. This combination of casual elegance and high-energy entertainment sets the stage for an unforgettable sunset experience.

Nikki Beach in Dubai is a modern boutique hotel, a chic beach club, four restaurants, and, surprisingly, one of the best surfing spots in the UAE. Pearl Jumeira’s large private beach is popular with water sports enthusiasts and is also great for watching the sunset over the Arabian Gulf.  Café Nikki is an all-day urban bistro just steps from the famous Beach Club, with outdoor seating next to the luxurious Nikki Beach Pool with in-ground loungers. It is one of the most beautiful, elegant, and peaceful places in Dubai where you can enjoy sunsets with panoramic views of the city and the sea as well as a wide range of food and drinks and most importantly one of the top 10 best sunsets spots of Dubai.

Address  67W4+833 Pearl Jumeirah – Dubai – UAE

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek
Image source: ZAWYA

The gold and spice souks in Deira are an ancient region to visit in Old Dubai for conventional purchasing enjoyment, and also for the remarkable views to behold at sunset. As the hustle and bustle of an afternoon on the market winds down this is the best time to take a conventional dhow cruise across the river as the sun is setting. For more of a wide-ranging view of the city’s skyline, Cielo Sky Lounge on the rooftop of Dubai Creek Yacht Club is a super location to look at Dubai’s cityscape in its entirety inclusive of the iconic Burj Khalifa because the sun drops behind it, at the same time as taking part in its smooth lounge décor and stay tune from neighborhood expertise.

Dubai Creek, a picturesque waterway that cuts through the core of Dubai, gives a lovely backdrop for experiencing a paranormal sunset. This herbal inlet, which divides the town into components, Deira and Bur Dubai, has been an essential part of Dubai’s records and monetary development. As the solar starts its descent over Dubai Creek, the city comes alive with a unique mixture of lifestyle and modernity.

The Creek is a bustling hub of interest at some point in the day, however, because of the solar units, a feel of calm and serenity envelops the region. Locals and site visitors frequently accumulate along the path, enjoying the gentle breeze and the breathtaking perspectives. The sound of muezzin calls from nearby mosques adds a hint of spirituality to the scene, reminding everyone of the wealthy cultural and ancient tapestries that Dubai Creek represents.

Tourists also can take a traditional dhow cruise at the creek all through the sundown hours. These leisurely boat rides offer a front-row seat to the herbal wonder, permitting passengers to soak and witness the one of top 10 best sunset spots in Dubai.

Address  Dubai-UAE

In the Desert

sunset In the Desert dubai
Image source:

Located right in the Arabian Desert, Dubai is a magical place to watch the sunset.  Arabian Adventures’ Sundowner Dune Dinner Safari takes you to the heart of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve for a dune walk as the sun sets over the vast desert landscape. Stop at the top of the dune to take photos before arriving at a traditional Bedouin-style camp, where a delicious lunch awaits. As you enjoy the peace of the desert, your guide will turn off the lights at Camp.

The sunset over the Dubai desert is an amazing and unforgettable serine experience. As Dubai is famous for its breathtaking scenery, its desert, known as the Arabian Desert, offers a unique and fascinating place to watch the sunset.

As the sun approaches the horizon, the colors of the sky begin to change. Temperatures that should be hot during the day begin to drop as the sun disappears from the horizon. This makes sunset in the desert a pleasant and pleasant experience as the intense heat of the day gives way to a more temperate and pleasant evening.

The sunset in the Dubai desert is not only a visual spectacle but also a spiritual and serene experience. The silence of the desert is broken only by the whisper of the wind in the dunes and the occasional cry of a desert bird at one of the top 10 best sunset spots in Dubai.

Address  35 kilometers from Dubai’s city center-Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Souk al Bahar-Palace Downtown Dubai

sunset Souk al Bahar-Palace Downtown Dubai
Image source: flickr

A bonus is that you technically can’t watch the sunset from this location, but you are guaranteed a spectacular sunset spectacle as day turns to night in central Dubai. The Souk al Bahar, designed as a traditional Arabic market, and the Downtown Dubai Palace Palace offer unparalleled access to the lake surrounding the Burj Khalifa.

These iconic locations offer breathtaking views of the Dubai Fountain and the world’s tallest building, which begins to glow as darkness falls at 9:87 a.m. Both offer a variety of dining options that extend to the lake. Watch the iconic light show as the city goes dark and enjoy the spectacle of the world’s largest choreographed fountain system starting at 7:00 p.m., performing a new routine every 30 minutes until 11:00 p.m. to an epic soundtrack.

Souk al Bahar-Palace Downtown Dubai is a luxurious and iconic hotel in the core of Dubai. It is conveniently located near Souk Al Bahar, a traditional Arabic market, and offers guests a unique shopping and dining experience. The combination of Arabian charm and modern luxury makes it the ideal choice for guests seeking a luxurious stay in Dubai. Don’t miss the breathtaking sunsets over the city skyline from this stunning location.

Tourists can enjoy the scenic sunset by dining at various restaurants or simply admiring the stunning scenery of the city. This combination of Arabian charm and modern elegance makes it a popular destination among tourists and locals alike because this place is one of the top 10 best sunset places in Dubai.

Address  Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Al Jaddaf

sunset in Al Jaddaf
Image source: Locationscout

Al Jadaf is a city in Dubai covering an area of ​​approximately 7 km and is a major transport hub with numerous clubs, pubs, and restaurants. Since this place is rarely crowded, it is the ideal place to watch the sunrise in complete peace and privacy.

Sunset at Al Jaddaf in Dubai is a mesmerizing and captivating experience. Al Jaddaf is a historic neighborhood along  Dubai Creek known for its stunning waterfront views and unique blend of traditional and modern architecture. As the sun begins to set behind Dubai’s iconic skyline, the sky over Al Jaddaf illuminates with a vibrant spectrum of warm colors, casting a golden glow over the calm waters of the creek. It is a magical moment that shows the beauty of the city and the harmony between old and new.

Al Jaddaf, which means “The Boatman” in Arabic, has a rich cultural heritage. At the Etihad Museum,  visitors can learn more about the history and heritage of the United Arab Emirates. In addition, the neighborhood features traditional wind towers and modern skyscrapers, creating a distinctive cityscape. Thanks to its proximity to  Dubai Healthcare City and Al Jadaf Metro Station, the area is growing rapidly and becoming a major residential and commercial hub.

Al Jadaf is located on the banks of Dubai Creek and offers a variety of activities to keep you entertained while you enjoy the spectacular sunrise and seascape. You can also bring some food and take a tour of the wonders of Dubai aboard the boat.

Sunset in Al Jaddaf, Dubai offers breathtaking sunset views over  Dubai Creek. Al Jaddaf is a historic neighborhood known for its tranquil atmosphere and proximity to the city center and one of the top 10 best sunset places in Dubai.

Address  Al Jaddaf is bordered to the north-east by the Dubai Creek-south by Zabeel-west by Umm Hurair 2.-Dubai-UAE

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to visit Sunset Beach in Dubai?

Sunset Beach is best visited in the evening to witness a spectacular sunset. The transition from daylight to soothing orange, pink, and purple tones in the evening sky is truly enchanting.

Are there any rooftop bars or restaurants in Dubai with sunset views?

Many rooftop bars and restaurants in Dubai offer stunning sunset views, including those at Burj Khalifa, JBR, Souk al Bahar-Palace Downtown Dubai, and Cielo Sky Lounge at Dubai Creek Yacht Club.

Are there any romantic places to watch the sunset in Dubai?

Several romantic places to watch the sunset in Dubai include Pierchic, Waldorf Astoria-Dubai Palm Jumeirah, and Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai, which offer intimate settings and stunning sunset views.

When does the sun set in Dubai?

The exact time of sunset in Dubai varies throughout the year, but is generally between 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm local time. You can check local sunset times for specific dates during your visit.

Can I enjoy a sunset with dinner or drinks in Dubai?

Absolutely! Many restaurants, bars, and beachfront venues in Dubai offer sunset views with dining or drinks. You can enjoy a meal or cocktails while watching the sun go down.

Is it possible to capture Instagram-worthy photos of the sunset in Dubai?

Dubai’s sunsets offer incredible photo opportunities. You can capture breathtaking moments of the sun setting over iconic landmarks and the Arabian Gulf, making your Instagram feed shine.

Final Words

Dubai has many sunset spots to cater to different scenes. From the iconic Burj Khalifa to the tranquil hotels of Jumeirah Beach to romantic and tranquil sunset beaches, there are plenty of places to enjoy breathtaking sunsets and places like Dubai Creek.

The desert offers a unique and haunting atmosphere to this everyday natural landscape. Whether you’re looking for a romantic experience, a cozy atmosphere, or just an Instagram-worthy moment, Dubai’s sunset spots have it all. Don’t miss the chance to catch the magic of the sun as you leave this dynamic city.

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